30 million kids participate in organized sports in the U.S.

One third of school-aged children will have a serious injury

requiring treatment by a doctor or a nurse.







  • One study performed on professional football players discovered that those who scored lower on the FMS are more likely to experience serious injury compared to those who scored higher on the FMS. (Kiesel, Plisky, & Voight, 2007)

  • Injury prevention programs could potentially improve flexibility, strength, and biomechanics properties associated with ACL injury risk. (Lim, Lee, Kim et al., 2017)

  • Restoring normal strength decreases the muscle injury incidence. (Croisier, Ganteaume, Binet et al 2017)

  • Balance training is effective in improving static and dynamic balance and decreasing sports related injuries among healthy adolescents. (Emery, Cassidy, Klassen, Rosychuk and Rowe, 2005)

  • It is possible to prevent anterior cruciate ligament injuries with specific

     neuromuscular training. (Myklebust, Engebretsen, Braekken, et al 2003)

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