Training sessions will focus on addressing injury risks as well as improving

performance for your sport! 

















  • A four week intervention program targeting deficits discovered by the Functional Movement Screen can decrease asymmetry and improve FMS scores. (Boded, Neeham & Chockalingam, 2015) 

  • ​An intervention program targeting movement quality and control can improve flexibility and multiplayer core stability in physically active children. (Wright, Portas, Evans, & Weston, 2015)

  • A training program that includes plyometric movements, core strengthening, balance, resistance training and speed training can improve measures of performance and movement biomechanics. (Myer, Ford, Palumbo, & Hewett, 2005) 


  • Training programs that combine plyometrics with strength training can significantly improve vertical jump and leg strength in athletes. (Fatouros, Jamurtas, Leontsini, et al., 2001) 

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