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Fit To Play is an injury prevention program for youth athletes nine years and older. This program is designed for all youth athletes participating in organized sports (football, softball, cheer, dance, gymnastics, baseball, football, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, soccer, etc.). We start by assessing the athlete using cutting-edge assessment techniques administered by a physical therapist to analyze the athlete's movement patterns and identify weaknesses which can potentially contribute to injuries. The assessment utilized is the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). Please click here to learn more about this assessment. After the evaluation, the therapist customizes an individual training program specifically for the athlete which is designed to improve performance and prevent injury. 











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The initial assessment will be performed by a physical therapist and will take approximately one hour with the athlete. The athlete will receive a full report highlighting at-risk areas and training recommendations. Training sessions will be 45 minutes in duration. After training sessions have been completed, a re-assessment will be performed which will compare results from the initial assessment. A detailed home exercise program will be provided to ensure continued progress even after the program is complete. 

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